Last Updated: May 2023

England The Human Placenta Cell Atlas in Diverse Ancestry PopulationsCZI
EnglandR01Regulation of Uterine Smooth Muscle ExcitabilityNIH
England/SantiR01A novel molecular mechanism for stimulating uterine contractility by oxytocinNIH
EnglandR01Quantitative and Computational Characterization of Oxytocin Receptor SignalingNIH
FrolovaRole of sphingosine-1-phosphate in preterm birthMOD
FrolovaBasil O’ConnorMarch of Dimes
FrolovaSphingosine-1-phosphate Signaling in ParturitionICTS
KhabeleR13SRI Meeting: Training and Development in the Reproductive SciencesNIH
Khabele/Fashemi Organoids to Evaluate an Epigenetic Drug Regimen for HR Proficient Ovarian CancerOCRA
KhabeleR01 SubRole of the Microenvironment in Ovarian Cancer MetastasisNIH/UCSF
KhabeleR01Macrophage-based ovarian cancer immunotherapyNIH
Mullen Dean’s Scholar AwardWashington University
Mullen Reproductive Scientist Development Program ScholarUniversity of Missouri
MullenUtilizing DNA Damage to Identify and Target Chemoresistance in Ovarian CancerDoris Duke
MullenIn Vitro Bioelectronic Monitoring of Therapy Response in 3D, Patient-Derived Ovarian Cancer ModelsCIG
SantiR01SLO3 KO Mouse: A tool to reveal voltage-dependent processes in sperm fertilityNIH
SantiR33Developing Modulators of the Sperm-specific Potassium Channel SLO3 for ContraceptionNIH
Santi SLO3 inhibitors: a new class of non-hormonal female contraceptiveGates
SantiR33 SubSMART Polymer Fibers For Tampon-Like Nonsteroidal Contraceptive DevicesNIH
Santi/FerreiraWHICH-A.R.T., a new assay to evaluate Sperm Fertilization Capacity in infertile patientsLalor
WangR01Applying DBSI to Characterize Human Placenta Immunoresponse during Normal Term and Preterm PregnanciesNIH
Wang/BenzingerR01Quantification of Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease Using Diffusion Basis Spectrum ImagingNIH
WangR01The three-dimensional spatiotemporal dynamics of human uterine contractions using electromyometrial imaging (EMMI)NIH
Wang Low-cost, portable electromyometrial imaging system for managing human laborGates Foundation
Wang EMMI Development and Exploration of Utero-Placental PumpGates Foundation
Wang Understanding uterine function and how it relates to reproductive healthGates Foundation
Wang Next Gen Pregnancy InitiativeBurroughs Wellcome Fund