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The Center for Reproductive Health Sciences (CRepHS) aims to improve the overall health of women and men by making reproductive health a priority in investigative and translational science

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Dr. Indira Mysorekar speaking about her Zika research.

Obesity & Metabolism

Research led by Center for Reproductive Health Sciences director Kelle H. Molley, MD, suggests that mothers who eat high-fat, high-sugar diets can predispose multiple generations to metabolic problems, even if their offspring consume healthy diets.

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Zika Virus

Researchers have identified a human antibody that prevents, in pregnant mice, the fetus from becoming infected and the placenta from being damaged. The antibody also protects adult mice from Zika disease.

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Stopping Zika

Dr. Mysorekar and Dr. Moley discussing their Zika research

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Welcome note

We are happy to announce that CRepHS has welcomed several new members: Sangappa Chadchan, PhD – has joined Dr. Kommagani’s...

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