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Malaria drug protects fetuses from Zika infection

Treatment prevents virus from crossing placenta to infect fetus, mouse study shows

Washington University School of Medicine news release

Award flash news: Chinwendu Amazu

Chinwendu Amazu,  the Medical Scientist Training Program student working toward her MD/PhD degree under the direction of Dr. Sarah England,...

Award flash news: Grace Y. Lee

Grace Y. Lee, undergraduate student and a member of the England Lab, received the Barbara A. Horwitz and John M....

Award flash news: Dr. Indira Mysorekar & Dr. Michael Diamond

Indira Mysorekar, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Associate Director of CRepHS, has received a...

Stopping Zika

Dr. Mysorekar and Dr. Moley discussing their Zika research

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Welcome note

We are happy to announce that CRepHS has welcomed several new members: Sangappa Chadchan, PhD – has joined Dr. Kommagani’s...

Vaginal bacteria can trigger recurrent UTIs, study shows

Findings help explain UTI link to sexual activity

The Source

CRepHS welcomes new postdoctoral research associates

CRepHS has recently welcomed two postdoctoral research associates – Eryk Andreas joined the Moley Lab in December 2016 and Jeremie Ferey joined...

Award flash news: Nandini Raghuraman, MD, MS

Nandini Raghuraman, MD, MS, clinical fellow in maternal and fetal medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and a...

Resisting Zika

Undeterred, researchers are tackling a global crisis from multiple directions

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