Moley Lab

Dr. Kelle Moley is the James P. Crane professor and vice chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri USA. She is a physican-scientist and is chief of the Division of Basic Research. She is also director of the Center for Reproductive Health Sciences at Washington University. She was inducted into the National Academy of Medicine in 2014.

Dr. Kelle H. Moley

Dr. Kelle H. Moley

Moley’s research interests focus on women’s reproductive health, specifically maternal obesity and diabetes before and during pregnancy and its long term effects on infant health. Starting with sperm and oocyte maturation, through fertilization and implantation, Moley has mapped out the consequences of over nutrition in women on fertility, pregnancy outcomes and infant well being. She has also linked these early developmental exposures to the predisposition of these offspring to adult diseases such as metabolic syndrome, and predisposition to cancer in both males and females.



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