Fuh Lab

Katherine Fuh, MD, PhD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, focuses her current and future projects on identifying pathways involved in metastasis in the context of incorporating the tumor microenvironment of ovarian cancer. The stromal cells in the ovarian cancer microenvironment are cultured from omentum of patients taken from the operating room for our cell-based assays. For our in vivo models, we use syngeneic models of metastasis.


  • Role of DDR2 in metastatic ovarian cancer
  • Role of AXL in uterine serous cancer
  • Reversal of chemoresistant ovarian and uterine cancer by genetic and therapeutic inactivation of AXL
  • Characterizing targets identified from a functional genomic screen of metastatic ovarian cancer
  • Identifying genetic alterations of ovarian cancer metastasis
  • Stromal contribution of DDR2 in metastatic ovarian cancer
  • Identifying pathways altered in chemoresistant tumors after neoadjuvant chemotherapy


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