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COVID-19 impact on pregnant women focus of NIH grant

Study will evaluate testing access and if pregnant women with COVID-19 need specialized care

School of Medicine news release

For moms, oxygen during childbirth often unnecessary

Research shows no benefits for infants

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3rd annual CRepHS Symposium

Determinants of Urogenital Tract Homeostasis in Aging

2nd annual CRepHS Symposium

The Long Road to Fertilization: From the Bench to the Bedside and Back Again

Antibiotics may treat endometriosis

Targeted treatment reduces number of disease-causing microbes in mice

School of Medicine news release

Obese mouse mothers trigger heart problems in offspring

Effects of high-fat, high-sugar diet on heart passed down three generations

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Inducing labor at 39 weeks reduces likelihood of C-sections

No increased risks to newborns, study shows

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Congratulations to Team BME

BME Senior Design Project Award

Zika Symposium Flyer Symposium on Lessons from Zika and HIV: Protecting Mothers and Babies from the Next Global Epidemic

What can we do to be prepared for the next epidemic? What have we learned over the years from HIV...

Could baby’s first bacteria take root before birth?

The womb was thought to be sterile, but some scientists argue that it’s where the microbiome begins.